10-28-2009 Picks of the Week

Great Articles By Other Bloggers

These articles are today’s featured blogger Kim Kelley-Wagner who writes the blog WordsWrittenInCrayon.com about the life and adventures of a single adoptive mom of two daughters from China.

MONKEYS AND CRICKETS AND BABY DOLLS, OH MY – A mother and daughter help each other work through their fears.

LOVE IS SOMETIMES PAINFUL – Having an adopted child at times means there can be some painful conversations, but also opportunities for growth in both child and parent.

CHINESE POTTY TRAINING – What is a mom to do when faced with an unfamiliar potty in a foreign country?

HOW RICH AM I? – Wealth is in the eye (and heart) of the beholder.

These articles are by our featured blogger today, Audra Rozen aka Milfymom who runs www.DiamondsandDirtyDiapers.blogspot.com a parenting blog written to help moms save money and bond over all the times in motherhood when you though “OMG this can’t be happening to me!”

Shortcuts moms take to make life easier that we wouldn’t admit to our mothers in law. A seasoned mothers point of view.

Diaper Review. I priced many popular diaper brands per diaper in size 3 so moms could see the bottom line cost. Then I reviewed them and unfortunately for me some didn’t meet the standard or weren’t worth the $$.

All the inconvenient times/places that our babies choose to poop. And the crowds reaction (because for some reason it always draws a crowd)

Our Favorites

“Stressed and pressed, teens deal with competition and college prep”

We know that for many teenagers, getting into college is a big deal – not only for them, but for their parents. There’s plenty of hard work and competition that leads up to doing those college applications – including all the years of study, PSATs, SATs, College Board subject tests, worrying about grades and extracurricular activities, looking for scholarships, and then the actual time spent writing applications. Then there’s that long wait until you hear back!

Some parents wonder if they’re putting too much pressure on their kids. They wonder how much pressure is enough, and how much is too much. One parent wrote about that recently, and wants to know what you think.

Big Little Wolf, a single mom who reads Radical Parenting, muses on competitiveness as her son takes SATs. He wants to go to college, as his older brother has just recently. And he wants to attend as good a college as he can.  Scholarship money is also going to be an issue, making SAT scores even more important. But this mom would love the teen view on parenting pressures in the area of academics, expectations for college, SAT prep, and in general – the competitiveness in high school and how you feel about it.

  • Do parents put too much performance pressure on kids?
  • Does it depend on the kid?
  • How can parents help guide and encourage in positive ways, relative to the ambitions you have for your own life?

Take a look at how her 16-year old is dealing with things, and how she’s dealing with him. See what you think.

SAT scores, SATurday sad face, SAT tips

Draw the Dog Make your dog famous-Jim George, a former Disney animator, recently created Draw the Dog, where cartoons draw themselves and each one is inspired by a real dog, perhaps yours (someday soon.) To submit a story, stop by the Make Your Dog Famous section of DrawtheDog.com.

Crazy Socks Contest

Strut those crazy socks and become a winner! In support of “Sock It To Bullying Day”, an anti-bullying awareness day recognized by numerous schools across the nation, Askthejudge.info is accepting photo submissions of crazy socks for only two more days and will announce its winner on October 30th by posting the winner’s photo. Hurry up and email your photos to contact@askthejudge.info. For more information, see http://askthejudge.info/atj-crazy-socks-contest/3499/

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