10/30/09: Articles This Week

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Educator.com: The Best Online Teaching Website

Educator.com is where teens learn from the best teachers in the world.  We specialize in Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Java, and Statistics.

As the Internet changes offline learning into online classrooms, Educator.com stands out with video lectures with college professors, comments sections to ask questions and notes.

Top Articles:

Cursing Kids: 6 Ways to Stop Teens and Cussing Children

Casual cursing is increasing, from tweens to teens. Learn the cursing trends and how to stop them.

Articles from Guests:

Voices of Tomorrow: Interview Debra Mamorsky

The popular web publication celebrates voices of 20 and 30-somethings on issues important to them, from religion to politics to racism and beyond.

See our new media video done by one of our teen interns, Gema!


Articles from Teens:

Book Review: Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

A modern take on Beauty and the Beast, this story follows two misfit teenagers in love.

Advice for Teen Girls Column: Why Can’t I be Pretty and Popular Like my Friends?

Many teen girls struggle with their outward appearance, but the reality is no one is perfect and your looks don’t have to define you.

Understanding Bullies: How to Stop Teen Bullying [Teen Article]

Though bullies are a fact of teenage life, there is a way to stop them.

Preventing Teen Pregnancy: 4 Tips for Parents to Educate their Teens [Teen Article]

With teen pregnancy on the rise again, parents need to re-evaluate how they communicate with their teens on this pressing issue.

Pros and Cons of Facebook [Teen Article]

A tech-savvy teen reflects on the differences between her life before and after Facebook.

The Consequences of Book Banning [Teen Article]

A passionate take on the different degrees of book banning and why it is a detrimental practice to teenagers.

The Obama Drama: Yes We……Won’t? [Teen Article]

Are longer school hours really the solution to our struggling public school system?

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