Getting A College Acceptance Letter: Importance of Extracurricular Activities

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School’s started and teens these days are generally only thinking about one thing: college. Yes, no more time to fool around and enjoy100_9714 by Ronelda1. summer, but time to buckle down and get ready for the future. Teens are devoting their time and energy in order to get into a “good” college and one thing necessary to get into a good college is to have tons of extracurricular activities. These extracurricular activities can range from playing on your school basketball team or volunteering at the homeless shelters in your community. Such activities will increase the chances of getting accepted into a dream college and thus teens are actively seeking new things to do.  Here are some of the most popular extracurricular activities teens are participating in for this new school year.

4 Top Extracurricular Activities Teens are participating in for College:

1.       Playing on a school team

Teens are becoming star athletes at their schools and starting to participate on more teams. The most popular sports for the girls are volleyball and field hockey. Guys are star athletes for their school football and basketball teams. If you are ever bored and need something to do join a school sport or even help out and become a sports manager.

2.       Yearbook/ Journalism

Most teens are turning to their school journalism department and are starting to help out on the school newspaper or yearbook. Joining in on such activities will allow teen’s creativity to show and will allow colleges to see the more creative side of a teen and this will be considered a great extracurricular activity.

3.       Debate Team

Participating on the debate team will allow colleges to notice a teen’s assertive and leadership sides. More and more teens are joining their school debate team and gaining much more knowledge than they ever thought they would.

4.       Volunteering

Volunteering may seem like a boring thing, but teens are noticing that the more volunteer hours you have, the more colleges will be impressed with them. So teens are starting to volunteer in local animal shelters, hospitals, and even homeless shelters.

Although most teens do enjoy participating in extracurricular activities, some only feel pressured to add these extra activities to their college resume. The acceptance to certain colleges is becoming even more competitive these days, and teens are stressing out because they feel that their grades are not good enough to impress a college, so they are turning to extracurricular activities to help their chances in getting into those colleges that are exceptionally difficult to get into.  Teens are spending so much time to prepare for college that some are even missing out on enjoying their youth.  So no matter if you’re a stressed out teen or a teen that’s choosing to enjoy life, always try to remember that extracurricular’s will not make or break your acceptance to college.

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