The Top 10 Problems with the Internet for Youth

I hate spam, Facebook time suck and constant pinging…who knew I was alone.  In Generation Text by Dr Michael Osit, he lists the top complaints reported by youth on the Internet:

1) Teen Overuse of the Internet

I was shocked to learn that the biggest problem reported was overuse.  I mean, I do not know why I was surprised, because that is my biggest complaint, but I never thought everyone else felt the same way about the vortex that is online albums and endless chat sessions.

2)  Teen Online Harassment

This includes cyberbullying, your annoying Second Life stalker and that person who keeps sending you requests from Nigeria.

3) Gaming and Gambling Online

When the house always wins and the house never leaves your house, you have a problem.

4) Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Teens Online

This is a serious problem for many who cannot escape Viagra spam and creepy Skype invites.

5) Teens and Privacy Online

Companies, mothers and 7th graders alike worry about their online privacy.  Who is going to see their post, IM or picture and are privacy settings real?

6) Online Fraud and Deception

Without person to person interaction and verbal cues it is hard to know when someone is lying to you. This is a major concern for people on the web, and of course the ultimate of deception fraud, or people stealing your identity.

7) Stealing

Kids are very worried about friends stealing their passwords and I always worry about websites, companies or people stealing my information.

8) Isolation and Socially Avoidant Behavior Online

This jives with the time suck one above.  The Internet can open a world of connections and it can also take you away from the real world.  I certainly worry about the social illiteracy of the next generation.

9) Infidelity and Failed Online Relationships

People list cheating as one of their major concerns.  The Internet provides many opportunities for offline relationships to stray as well as failed online relationships whether it is business or social.

10) Harmful or Bad Influence Websites

I know that this is a major concern for parents and their children, yet many non-parent adults worry about what kinds of websites they are going to read and what kind of influence they will have.

I usually write very positively about the web, as you can see in our Growing Up Online Series.  But, it is good to know about the common concerns to know you are not alone!

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