Teen Perfection Through Sexting and Bullying

Belinda is a 16- year-old from Toronto, ON. She enjoys fashion, writing, and her favourite subject is Drama because she loves creating skits.

What a lot of people don’t often realize is that in today’s society teen girls are constantly pressured by media, peers, and even by themselves to succeed in all aspects of life. There is a constant struggle to be popular, skinny, beautiful. What a lot of girls don’t realize is that this beauty they seek, and this longing to be a part of the “in crowd” is unrealistic and artificial. What’s the definition of beautiful anyways? Or popular? As a society, why can’t we change that definition? The truth is that as people, we all want to see that piece of perfection in the media. It’s something we crave maybe because we want inspiration; it’s something we wish we could be, or because it’s a follow the leader thing. As soon as one person thinks something is an idea of perfection everyone else jumps on to the band-wagon. But here’s something most people always forget to mention: perfect isn’t real.

1/10 girls admit to having experienced physical violence in a dating relationship.

Everyone Knows Your Name:


–          22% of teen girls have sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures or videos of themselves.

–          More than 1/3 of teen girls say they sent or posted this sexually suggestive content because they wanted to “feel sexy.”

–          12% of teen girls feel “pressured” to send sexually suggestive messages or images.

–          Underage Drinking Prevention – Emily –


–          28.2% of teens reported drinking alcohol in the past month.

–          Words Hurt – Bullying Commercial-


–          Almost 30 % of teens in the United States are bullied; that’s almost one third!

So the next time someone tells you you’re not cool enough, or pretty enough, or that drinking is what everyone is doing, even the celebrities on television, tell them that’s their vision of perfection, and perfect isn’t real.

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  1. so if someone does send someone pics to another person and that person is out of state and is threatening to post the pics online what can the person who is being threatened do about it… she is really scared!and wants to kill herself

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