Looking for Families in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago Please!

Hello Readers,

We are working hard to get all of our countries done for our next book Parenting Is Flat: How Globalization Has Changed Familynomics and Parenting

Overview: For families and individuals to get greater insight into how digitalization is changing family structure and prepare and prevent for negative changes and encourage the positive effects globalization brings.  Many young people also need to gain a more global perspective and understand how important it is to be aware of the world around them.

We just came back from Japan, Korea and Singapore and are now headed to:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Santiago and Valpraiso, Chile

Montevideo, Uruguay

We are so excited to see the South American perspective on parenting.  We are looking for families, students and translators in these countries.  We are looking for families to interview for the book on what it is like to grow up and parent in these countries.  We are also looking for students who we could pay to translate the interviews with families and possibly even help us with some street interviewing.

Does anyone know anyone? Please email us: manager@scienceofpeople.com

Thank you!

Vanessa and the Teen Team

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