11/6/09: Articles This Week

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We were on CNN this week, check out the video here: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/living/2009/11/03/dcl.blog.social.kids.cnn

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Top Articles:

The Top 10 Problems with the Internet for Youth

From online gambling to online harassment, some common concerns of youth and the Internet.

Social Networks for Teachers and Students: 5 Ways to Use Them

There are many ways social networks can enhance education, like having online debates and combining fun with school work.

Articles from Guests:

11-3-2009 Picks of the Week

What we are reading up on this week, from transforming picky eaters to what secrets girls keep and why.

Talking to Your Kids About, ahem, You Know What (S.E.X) [Guest Post]

How to have the talk with your kids!

Articles from Teens:

Is College Still the Brass Ring?

Teen writer Rachel’s special guest post on the Big Little Wolf blog discusses what she and most teens want out of college.

Apply Now, Or Wait?
Teen writer Becca’s insights on the pros and cons of early decision are featured as a guest post on college and career success coach, Bob Roth’s website.

The Sticky 16: Sweet Sixteen Party Situations

How to deal with the possible stresses that come with a high school party or dance: from run-ins with the ex, to a torn dress.

Teen Perfection Through Sexting and Bullying

A healthy reminder that teen perfection is a myth and dangerous for teen girls to try to obtain.

5 Tips to Manage Stress for Teens During Senior Year [Teen Stress Article]

Effective problem solving for managing teen stress during the crucial final year of high school.

Getting A College Acceptance Letter: Importance of Extracurricular Activities

To get into a top college, every little bit helps, especially extracurricular activities like sports or volunteerism.

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