Bullying for Teens: A First Hand Account of Bullying Kids

Morganne is a 17-year-old from Ontario. She enjoys playing soccer and her favourite subject is writer’s craft because she loves creative writing.

Bullying is something we deal with all our lives and often on a daily basis. However, it becomes a major issue in high school. Although bullying in elementary schools can be dreadful, from my experience, they just don’t live up to what happens in a high school.  I am a grade twelve student who despises high school and no adult can seem to understand why. Maybe it’s because bullying wasn’t as intense when they were in high school due to the lack of technology. But now the technology is overwhelming to some and bullies use it as one of their tools to make fun of and mock the people around them.

When MySpace first came out it had to be my favorite thing in the world; I thought nothing was cooler. I could talk to my friends, rank them, and look at and upload photos. However, I never realized how awful it can be for some people until I was on the other side of it. Near the end of grade nine I began to be bullied and since no one is tough enough to say anything to my face they would all make fun of me through MySpace.

Eventually, since making fun of me online was so easy, they began calling me names in the hallways, throwing things at me, and actually coming up to me and yelling at me and trying to fight me.  Being bullied is something no one ever thinks they are going to experience but at one point or another everyone is bullied to some extent whether they have done something wrong, or somebody just doesn’t like them.

In my opinion, verbal bullying is the absolute worst kind of bullying because it emotionally scars you, while being hit is not likely to scar you as much. When a person bullies someone verbally they pick out each and every flaw that person has, this is very likely to hurt you more psychologically than being punched in the face. However, it all depends on the situation you are in. Also, cyber bullying is basically a form of verbal bullying that I also find it to be very mentally painful.

Adults understand the concepts of being verbally or physically bullied because they had that in their day, however they do not understand the concept of cyber bullying very well because this is very new to them. I believe technology is great thing but it is a big barrier between adults and teens in many issues like bullying. Just like we are educated on bullying our parents need to be as well so they can understand what their child is going through.

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