5 Ways Students Can Use Free Websites to Virtually Study

This post is from our series on Virtual students and how school has become more and more online.  See our other posts from the Virtual Student series here.

The Internet has provided so many tools for students.

1) The Google Suite


Use gmail, google reader as your RSS feeder, gchat to talk with classmates and google documents to work on group projects, study guides and submit papers.

2) Virtual Flashcards


Virtual flashcards are a great way to review.  They have ones that are premade and you can make your own.

3) Skype and iChat


Use your webcam to connect with classmates, attend teachers virtual office hours and screen share when working with partners.

4) Educational Video Sites


Missed class? Don’t understand a concept? Need homework help? Teachertube and other educational video sites are great ways to brush up on topics, get help and get ahead.

5) Reports


Here we demo how to use a number of different sites for your reports.

To get all of our video tutorials of virtual studying, including the other 50 free websites for students and teachers, see below…

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