Best Teen Music Choices 2009

Aimee is from West Chester, PA, and she is 14 years old. She has a passion for figure skating, ballet and playing the piano. She loves challenges and aspires to be a lawyer when she is older.

Music is such a huge part of teen life. We listen to it when we are hanging out with friends, and doing homework. In fact, teens listen toteens sharing music by zinkwazi. an average of about 3 hours of music a day. And the kinds of music choices that teens make say a lot about them. Some teens listen to R&B, while others listen to Indie, or rock. Teens have so many different types of music to choose from, but what influences teens to listen to the music that they do? Is it because they want to follow trends, use it as a means of self expression, or could it be because they just like the emotions that a certain song conveys?

I think many teens look toward trends when selecting what kind of music to listen to. Music trends that can be heard on the radio and on the television are often the ones that are most followed by teens. Teens who follow the trends often don’t have a particular style of music that they prefer; they just listen to whatever is “in” at the time. Teens that are like this end up with hundreds of songs and CD’s that they brought in the moment when the songs were popular. I think these are teens that would do anything to fit in, including listening to music just because it’s “cool.”

Other teens use the music they listen to as a way to make themselves stand out, and be different. These teens listen to any music that they like the sound of. It doesn’t matter the genre, the artist, or it the song was recorded 30 years ago. From my experiences, these teens are really creative and opinioned. They use their music to show how they stand out and don’t do something because it is the cool or popular thing to do.

While writing this article I asked many of my friends why they listen to the music they do. Many of them replied that it was because of the emotions they felt while they listen to the music. Certain genres communicate different emotions to the listeners and this does influence teens into listening to the genre or not. When hanging out with friends’ teens often listen to upbeat music to lift the mood and when doing homework teens often listen to soft music that can help them focus.

All of these things contribute to the choices teens make regarding the music they listen to. Some teens are use a mixture of these methods and some teens only pick music based on one of these. What do you think influences the music that you listen to?


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