11-13-2009 Best Parenting Articles This Week


We have just opened out Winterbreak Teen Internship Program! Check it out for any students looking for something to do over break.

Top Articles:

5 Ways Students Can Use Free Websites to Virtually Study

How the Internet can be a great source for free study aids, like virtual flash cards and Skype or iChat.

Teens Cutting: 5 Things to Know About Teens Who Cut Themselves

Cutting, self mutilation and self harm is a huge concerns for teens and parents now.  Get some info about this scary trend.

Articles from Guests:

10 Great Book Websites for Teens [Guest Post]

Mother, writer and blogger, Jennifer Wagner picks her top book websites, from sites just for boys to sites for mothers and their daughters.

Articles from Teens:

Ask-A-Teen Column: The Sex Talk

The inevitable conversation will be awkward no matter what, but our teen advice columnists give tips to make the sex talk go as smoothly as possible.

Advice for Teens: Change What You Do

A friend’s simple words of advice awakens a bored teenager. How to ensure you are moving forward and accomplishing what you want in life.

Teen Music Choices

From R&B to Indie to Rock, what attracts teens to the different types of music that they listen to.

Heartbroken- Why it is unhealthy to be friends with your ex.

Mending a teenage broken heart can be difficult. The first step, letting of the ex.

Teens and Depression

Depression is a serious issue, which effects more teens than we think. Recognize the signs and reach out to help.

Top TV for Teens this Fall

The ever-popular Glee made the list. See what else teens are watching this fall.

Bullying, First Hand

How technology has heightened teen bullying and why it’s important for parents to understand this terribly new trend.


Picks of the Week


How to Make Your Wish List for Perfect Health Come True Now If you do just one thing before midnight tonight, I urge you to check out my good friend, Barbara J. Semple’s specialty picture guide book Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul.

Fancast Movie of the Week: Accelerating America, The “movie of the week” on Fancast, Accelerating America, is a documentary that follows 3 troubled teenagers trying to turn their lives around with the help of a (very) inspirational school principle. Director Tim Hotchner made the film so that we can all find hope despite all the challenges that get placed in front of us — his hope is tha  this film will inspire and give people the determination to keep moving forward.

Generation Cures is an online tween community created by Children’s Hospital Boston to let kids and their families learn and have fun while raising funds for research that can help sick children worldwide.  Our new “In the Classroom” program provides online support materials for middle-school teachers to introduce Generation Cures in their classrooms, as well as programs for middle schoolers and teachers in the Boston area to ‘get under the hood’ of Caduceus, the interactive learning adventure that fuels the Generation Cures online game-a-thon fundraising activities.

Smile Therapy It’s totally UNIQUE, Fresh and FUN (We’ve found nothing else like it in the marketplace). It’s a Superb APPRECIATION tool.  This is a website for anyone who wants a dose of humor and something light for their days.

Hands-Only CPR is the newest technique from the American Heart Association in a quest to save adults from sudden cardiac arrest.  Step one is calling 911 and step two is pushing hard and fast in the center of the chest.  It’s important that more people, especially parents, know about this method to potentially save their spouse, their children, their parent, or even a stranger.

Fabulous for all students!! High School, College and University Students will love this extraordinary student organizer because it is big enough for their busy and exciting lives. It has 260 cool stickers to remind you of important events. It contains everything to get your life in order with lots of room to keep track of your school schedule, sports events, activities and your social life.

The More Time Moms Family Organizer is the original, best-selling and by far best tool on the market to help you keep your  family schedule a priority and keep an organized home. This family planner has the biggest squares, 2.1″x 3.5″, to give you plenty of room to write, the best stickers to remind you of important events, and a pocket for bills and loose paperwork.

Cool Site Alert:

Lookilulu.com is a website dedicated to helping teenage girls find careers they love.  Lookilulu profiles inspiring career women to help girls see what is possible in their own lives.  Women share what they really do on the job and their paths to their current careers.  Women share the best advice they have heard and their advice to teen girls. Some women have podcasts that are freely downloadable and available from iTunes.

The following are examples of inspiring women who are profiled on lookilulu.com.

Alison Vercruysse is the CEO and Founder of 18 Rabbits, an organic food company in San Francisco.  Alison left banking to follow her passion for baking.  Her granola is sold in more than 200 stores nationwide.

Alicia Morga is the CEO and Founder of Consorte Media, an on-line advertising company for the Hispanic market.  Alicia transcended poverty and the foster care system to attend Stanford University.  Her  career has included investment banking on Wall Street and work in corporate securities law and venture capital in Silicon Valley.

Clare Crespo has created a career out of playing with her food. Clare has a degree in painting and a masters in animation.  She is a cookbook author and creator of the YummyFun Kooking DVD series for kids.  Clare created the show in her garage and has gained national attention for her wacky food creations.

Dayna Steele wanted to be a rock star as a child but she couldn’t dance or sing.  Instead, she worked as a rock radio disc jockey in Texas and interviewed hundreds of rock stars.  She is now a motivational speaker and author of the best selling book, “Rock to the Top:  What I learned about Success from the World’s Greatest Rock Stars.”

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