Top Teen and Youth Trends Right now

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From crocs to skinny jeans to converse, the latest styles are never up to date for too long. Right now, the sun is starting to go down a little faster than usual. Us teens have to grab a jacket right before we run out the door a little more often because of the chilly weather. It is finally getting a little too cold outside to wear our shortest shorts and flip flops, it’s time to get out the wardrobe pieces that are essential to the top trends right now.

1.      Plaid/Buffalo

Right now, everyone is literally “mad for plaid”. It is encased on our school bags, the pattern of our blouses, and even on our shoes. Forever21 and Wet Seal have the best accessories of this current trend.

2.      Sweaters

Put youtr the long sleeve tees and hoodies of your favorite band away. Right now it is all about cashmere, fleece and wool. Sweaters are very in right now, the ones that are making the biggest fashion statements are wrap around ones or ones that have bows.

3.      Bomber Jackets

If a teen is looking for a new jacket, a bomber one is the kind to get. Bomber jackets are ones that give off a motorcycle appeal and are usually made out of leather. The trendiest ones have belts on them, have fur, or are slightly cropped.

4.      Belts

Belts are very in right now for young people. Putting a belt on anything instantly makes any outfit look most fashionable. These days everything has a belt thrown on it, and this is not an overstatement in the least. Some department stores like Kohl’s are even selling them on the plainest t-shirts. These days everything you buy will have a belt come with it, if not, just grab an old one from your drawer and throw it around your waist for an instant fashion statement.

5.     Scarves

Scarves are also a huge trend right now and are the easiest one to do for teens. These are usually just thrown over a sweater and are used as a fashion statement when wearing coats. Any kind of pattern and length will do. Scares can also be made into belts by sliding them into the loops of jeans.

6.      Boots

Boots are a must. They work well with skinny jeans, skirts and leggings, they work well with almost anything. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they will make you look very trendy. The biggest ones right now are ankle boots and boots with a peep toe. The best way to go with these is to tuck skinny jeans into them or wear them to compliment a sweater dress.

7.      Coats

For us teens and youth, it used to be socially acceptable to go to school with a bulky jacket and pretend it wasn’t freezing outside. Right now though, going out with an actual fashion coat is very in to do. The best ones (and the warmest), are the ones that go down to mid-thigh. The style is not as important, and there are a variety to choose from.

8.      Skinny Jeans

These have been in for a while now, and show no signs of slipping in rank anytime soon. These are trendy because they look very good with just about anything. Boots are the best kind of shoes to wear with these, and tunics also compliment these well.

9.      Animal Prints

From zebra to leopard to tiger, in patterns for teens animal prints are the most fashionable patterns next to plaid. These are trendy right now as blouses and bags are covered in animal prints. It is hard to do wrong with animal prints

10.  Leggings

Teenagers and youth love miniskirts, unfortunately it is getting too cold outside to show bare legs. This is why leggings are the perfect compromise, for teens they will be a trend for many years to come. The trendiest ones right now are liquid leggings; these leggings have a leather look to them and come off very shiny. To wear these, try putting them underneath a skirt or underneath a sweater dress.

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