Looking for Chinese Interns and China Parenting Experts

Hello Readers!Vanessa Van Petten Blog Consultant

We launched our parenting blog in spanish a few months ago and now we have some more exciting news:

1) We are launching Radical Parenting in China!

2) We are going to China for the next leg of our research for Parenting Is Flat

I was a Chinese major in college and have always wanted to bring my business there…now I am finally taking the leap! So, I am yet again asking for help.  Thank you so much to everyone who forwarded my email to those in South America, it looks like we have families in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile (if you know anyone please email us, we could always use more!).

Can Anyone Help With?

1. Chinese Speaking Interns

We are looking for people who speak Chinese anywhere in the world (American, Australia, China) who would like to work on an internship.  They would get writing exposure, resume experience with an American company, learning modules etc, check out more about our internships here if you would like.  They would be writers/trendspotters and marketers just in Chinese! Just let us know about your Chinese experience.  We also give school credit and often end up promoting our interns to paid positions!

2. Parenting Experts in China or Who Speak Chinese

We are opening our business in China, starting a blog, creating a few products and books and doing a speaking tour.  We are looking for experts to partner up with and refer to our contacts in China.

3. China Contacts

We have been working with many great teachers, companies and individuals in China.  We are looking for more people to meet with and help on our next visit and as we start our website.  if you know anyone who might be interested or willing to help we would be so appreciative!

Please email us: manager@scienceofpeople.com

Thank you thank you thank you!


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