A Day of Pressures in a Teen Life

Rachel is a 16-year-old born and raised in NYC.  She enjoys singing, debating, traveling and writing.  Her favorite subjects are English and Science; she wishes to pursue  a career in either of them in the future.Sleeping student by tapasparida.

Almost every grown up I talk to always say, “Enjoy your teen years; life is so much easier.”  Sure we have different pressure than adults, but we still have troubles.  Sometimes as you get older, you forget how it was like to be a teen, which is why, I noticed, younger teachers tend to be more popular with teens.  The teachers remember what they did when they were younger, so they relate to their students better; they remember the pressures of school work and peers and PARENTS…well, I’m quite sure you’ve heard this song before: teens are expected to act like adults but are treated as kids…which is truer than many adults can remember.

For those adults who still think being a teen is easy, here was a day of my school week; keep in mind not EVERY day is like this for a teen, but this is a potential scenario.

In order to simulate a Regents test, my AP English Composition teacher gave my class an essay test that we were supposed to finish after two periods.  Nearing the end of the second period, you can hear every pen scratching paper, every student scrambling to get in as much as he could before the bell rang.  “Five minutes,” announced my teacher.  You can just imagine the strings of profanity some students muttered under their breath.  “Oh, by the way…”  Every student tried to tune out the eccentric teacher; probably another time-wasting comment, I thought.  “You can finish this tonight for homework.”  A clatter of pens dropped on each desk…

“WHAT!?!?!?!?!”  Everyone started talking at once. “And you just decided to tell us NOW!?!”  “Why couldn’t you tell us BEFORE our hands fell off?”

Quite frankly, my head was hurting so much, it was beginning to have its own pulse.  I just spent the whole previous period working on my DBQ essay for American History and was thinking up a storm to save my hopeless English paper during the full 5 minutes it took for me to get to class.

The teacher giving us more time to finish the essay gave me more time to work on mine, but I still had a lot of homework and a research paper due the next day as well.  By the time I got home, I was starving (my lunch period is at 10AM), I had a truckload of homework I had to finish before I could even TOUCH my essays and, for some strange reason, my shoulder was hurting (my friends claim that it’s my bag’s fault).

So let’s recap. In one day I had two straight periods of essays in class (it hurts when you strain your brain over a long period of time), had nothing to eat since 3rd period, had a headache (due to the stress and lack of food), had a lot of homework AND essays…did I mention I also had to study for a Precal test for the next day?

To conclude,  I finished all my homework and essays at 1AM.  I had only 5 hours of sleep and plenty of times when I just wanted to give up, but I was glad I got it over with. Some of my classmates decided sleep was more important to them, so I found most frantically scribbling in some words during class that day J, but I digress.  This just goes to show that us teens have stress-loads and quickly arriving deadlines, just like adults.  Thankfully, we only have days like these once in a while.

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