11-20-2009 Best Parenting Articles This Week

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Top Articles:

Teen Translator: What It Means When Your Kid Says…

Sometimes it can feel teens have a language of their own. Radical Parenting translates the top phrases and tones for you.

The Best Virtual World for Kids: Yoursphere

Our sponsor this week is the top parent-approved social network and resource for teens online.

Articles from Guests:

Why Parents Should Refuse to Give Kids Homework Help [Guest Post]

Award-winning author, Rafe Esquith, states his case for allowing your kids to do their own homework, even if it means failing assignments or making mistakes.

Articles from Teens:

Teens, Drugs & Alcohol: What Parents Should Know

An honest, first-hand account on a teen’s drug and alcohol use, and how she overcame it with the help of her parents.

Top Teen and Youth Trends Right now

The days are shorter and the weather’s colder; what teens are wearing to keep stylish and warm this season.

Rising Popularity of Prescription Drug Abuse

With the increase of competition in school, in work and in social circles teens are turning to prescription drugs for the easy way out

Advice for Teen Girls Column: Drama Queens

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are attracting drama, and this can tear best friends apart. How to avoid ending valuable friendships.

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Yoursphere.com is a social network whose sole purpose is to support and engage kids and teens through age 18 in rewarding, purposeful and positive age-appropriate youth-selected activities – sports, music, fashion, academics, gaming, art & photo, performing arts, fashion, movies & tv, etc.  – all while putting their safety first.

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