Let’s have a conversation about sex

Yessenia is a 17-year-old girl that enjoys investing in her future and knowledge. She plans to be a racecar driver and attend Williams College.

Often parents feel uncomfortable when teenagers approach them to talk about sex. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to address the topic for various reasons, such as the lack of knowledge or embarrassment. The problem is that parents forget that they are the best sex educators for their children. They can make us see what is right or wrong from their own perspective and can give us advice. The best way to address a teenager with the topic is by acting normal about it. We all know what sex is, or at least we have some kind of idea of what it implies. The problem is that many teenagers stick with the “some kind of idea” instead of knowing the whole story.

Some teenagers are brave enough to approach their parents and have a conversation   about the topic. It’s preferable to let the teenager lead the conversation, that way parents can answer their questions. There may be awkward moments as the conversation evolves but the best thing to do in cases like this is to act normal. If parents feel like you do not know much about sex, maybe this is the time to inform yourself. It is never too late. Parents should not see the lack of knowledge regarding sex as a disadvantage but as an asset. It would be nice if teenagers and their parents could both learn together along the way.

On the other hand, many other teenagers do not feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex. In many cases, the reason behind this is that the topic has being simply banned from home. Studies have shown that teenagers who are informed about sex have a lower risk of becoming pregnant or getting an STD. Teenagers who are not informed tend to do things blindly without searching for help. Many parents blame teenagers of the blunders they commit, however it is not something they can avoid if they are not informed.

Parents: take the initiative and start to talk to your children. I am sure they would like to hear from you.  Do not feel nervous. We are just as nervous as you are to talk about sex and want to have our questions answered. It is better for you to talk to us than having someone else give us a different prospective that may disagree with your beliefs. We are easy to talk to; parents just need to know how to get to us. Sex is a topic that cannot be avoided; therefore parents should start talking about relations of the intimate nature.


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