How to Get Youth Passionate

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Today’s youth is at times notoriously known. Our eyes are glued to our cell phones, we spend countless hours at friends’ houses, and we sleep in until one in the afternoon on the weekends. This may seem harsh, but in a certain perspective, we have earned this reputation. It takes everything in us to power off our cell phones and at times we are all tempted to download an essay off the Internet for our English class. As we all have been told, today’s youth is the leader of tomorrow. This is a scary realization. Is today’s youth ready to meet the challenges that lurk in the future? Research points to no; our minds are wrapped around other things. Why read a book when you could play a video game? Why do volunteer work when you could be sleeping in? With incredible technology at our fingertips and huge amounts of freedom, it is tough to get motivated to do something with your life. The truth is however, it only takes tiny steps or one attempt at something to get motivated and passionate about something. Here are a few ways that youth can become motivated when they would rather be doing other things.

Do little, earn big:

Everyone has a hobby. Take your hobby and use it for something good. More often than not, hobbies can be turned into something bigger. For instance, someone who loves to read and write could try to enter a writing contest, which usually has big rewards. You could earn large cash prizes or be given an opportunity to be published. The same is true for music lovers and athletes. Try joining a band for fun opportunities or participate in a recital. If you love running, why not participate in a marathon or run for a volunteer organization?

Think about tomorrow:

It is hard to be eager to do something with your life when you have no goal in mind. Those who are motivated have a pretty clear goal in mind about the future. In twenty years where do you see yourself? Do you want to be head of a big company, or do you want to be working at Subway? Do you want to be in debt, or own a luxury car and a nice house? To get where you want later in life is much easier when you start today. If you do a little today, you will save yourself a lot of work in college and years after. So make a goal for yourself, and then go after it. This realization in the back of your mind will help keep your eyes on the prize.

It does not always have to be boring:

You do not have to enter a science fair or get a 5 on all of your AP exams to make a statement. This can be very exhausting and make you even less likely to put in any effort. If this doesn’t interest you, try something different that does not scream boring. Why not take up acting, modeling, or singing? These paths are a lot more interactive, fun, inspirational, and can eventually be very lucrative. You get to meet new people, have a lot of fun, with a pretty nice goal in mind. This is how a lot of celebrities became motivated to volunteer and reach out to others without even meaning to.

Reward yourself:

Studying for a test or doing volunteer work is not always fun and very stressful. Tell yourself something you can do if you accomplish this goal. For example, how about telling yourself you’ll spend the entire day on Saturday with friends at the mall if you get an A on your next test? Or, cut a deal with your parents if you bring home a good report card or do volunteer work they can give you a reward. Maybe they will offer you a raise in your allowance or buy you something that you have been asking for.

Think about the outcomes:

The benefits are huge to those who motivate themselves. You will be eligible for huge scholarships in college. When you volunteer or do community service, there is nothing better than getting that warm feeling inside knowing that someone out there is living better because of you. You can earn large amounts of cash money, and be a role model to others. You will also be mapping out a healthy and good life for yourself. And do not forget that we are the leaders of tomorrow. All it takes is a little effort.


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