11-27-2009 Best Parenting Articles This Week

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Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday to my momma! She is only 27 years old this year = ).

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Synopsis: Starting with Thanksgiving , the holiday season gives us reason (or an excuse) to celebrate and indulge.  Some of us are great at managing the amount of celebrating we do, and some of us are not so good.  The worst, however, is waking up the day after New Year’s, dumbfounded as to how we gained 10 pounds in a month and a half. If you are hoping to avoid this scenario, here’s a plan to help you enjoy, while not overdoing it!

Top Articles:

Top Gifts for Teens: The Best Gifts for 2009

Our teen gift guide, just in time for the holiday season.

Virtual Campuses: How School Has Gone Online

From middle school to college, campuses are moving online by way of virtual message boards, office hours and more.

Articles from Teens:

Let’s have a conversation about sex

It may be awkward, but it’s necessary. When it comes to sex, ignorance is not bliss, it can be dangerous and careless. How parents can approach their teens about this uncomfortable, yet important topic.

Fall TV Reviews

What teens are watching this fall: Degrassi, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and 10 Things I Hate About You.

5 Ways to Motivate Youth

Teens have earned the reputation of being lazy or apathetic. But rest assured, there are ways to get the lathargic, passionate.

Teens and Politics

How this generation of teenagers are steeping up, educating themselves on pertinent political issues and getting their voice heard.

A Day of Pressures in a Teen Life

A friendly reminder to all parents of teenagers: teen life is not all fun and games.

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