The TV Show GLEE: Why there’s a little dork in all of us!

Belinda is a 16- year-old from Toronto, ON. She enjoys fashion, writing, and her favorite subject is Drama because she loves creating skits.Hayley Williams / Gabe Saporta glasses by lovesick-melody.

What it is: Glee is a musical comedy, television series.

Brief Synopsis:
Glee is a show about a high school teacher who attempts to transform his school Glee Club into the once amazing team that it once was. It focuses on a group of kids from different backgrounds and in different situations trying to find a way to make it through high school. Through the leadership and guidance of their teacher, Mr. Schuester, the kids strive to deal with the everyday struggles of high school and the tough competitive side of Glee Club.

What they do or don’t like about it:
Parents will appreciate how each of the kids involved in the show brings a new personality to the table. The plot line will definitely remind parents of a modern day The Breakfast Club.

Did the producers/writers do a good job making a show/movie/song for teens? The series touches on real issues that will attract teens and no doubt have them coming back each week for more. It does something new and different by bringing the musical aspect to the series.

What can parents talk about with their kids/conversation starters about this show/movie/band:
The show touches on multiple subjects including: homosexuality, teen sex, teen pregnancy, and all the pressures of high school. It’s a great way for parents to connect with their kids without anyone getting embarrassed.

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