Teen Gift Do’s and Donts!

Renae is a 16-year-old from Lowell, MI. She is a creative individual who spends a lot of her time reading and learning Japanese because she would like to become a Journalist in Japan.

Do’s:2G iPod Shuffle 1GB by Josh Bancroft.

1.) Teens love technology! Including cell phones, iPods, video games, zunes, cameras and anything else that plugs into a wall or takes batteries.

2.) CD’s or music. All teens love music and it’s easy to find out what kind of music they like or what a few of their favorite bands are. Ordering CD’s offline is really quick and easy also.

3.) Gift Cards. If you have no clue what to get your teen, give them a gift card to one of their favorite stores. That way they can pick out what they like and they can do it on their own time too.

4.) Movies. DVD’s are always a great simple gift. It’s not hard to ask your teen what kind of genres they look for in films. You can even use the gift as a way to get the family together for a movie night.

5.) Another popular idea for teen gifts lately is instrumental lessons such as guitar or drumming lessons. How awesome would that be to help your kid learn how to play an instrument for Christmas?

6.) Accessories! Wallets, belts, bandanas, wrist bands, hats, nail polish, hemp necklaces and bracelets.

(http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Homepage.jsp <~~~A great place to find accessories and other excellent gifts for teens.)

7.) Something practical. If you can’t find something you think they’d like, it’s always a good idea to go for something they can use. Say they just got a new car and it’s winter. Maybe a heated ice scraper would come in handy.

8.) Sentimental gifts are the gifts that touch the heart. Get something that reminds you of them. Something that’s like an inside joke in the form of a gift. Maybe a picture frame with you and your teen in it.



Dance Dance Revolution

Guitar Hero

Rock Band


Digital Camera

Hair straightener/curling iron

Drawing Pad + Coloring Untensils


Incense sticks


Body Spray


New Bed comforter/decorative sheets


24 pack of batteries

Picture frame/Photo Album

CDs or CD case

Phone protector

Football, basketball, soccer ball

When picking out a good gift, keep in mind your kids interests, their personality, and their hobbies

Want to shop by personality Check out the Personality Profiler



1.) Clothes! Especially if you don’t know what size they are. Sometimes it can be hard asking teens for their pants size. And who wants socks for Christmas? Parents are from a different time than their teens, which makes finding clothes for them really difficult.

2.) Books! Books would be a great gift…IF you knew exactly what the receiver was looking for. Every young reader has their own preference and style of literature that they like to read.

3.) Expensive Jewelry. It can be nice but only if it is appropriate for the occasion. Jewelry is expensive and it would be a shame to spend all that money on the wrong piece of jewelry.

4.) Anything Christmas themed is most likely not a good gift. It might be Christmas but the gift will be around all year long.

5.) Gifts that you have to buy OTHER accessories for just to use.

6.) Do NOT get gifts for your teen that are meant for kids younger than your teen.




Christmas Ornaments


Anything School Related

Bath Towels

Schedule/Day Planner (*Some kids would like this though!*)

Stocking Stuffers:

Girls Stocking: Chapstick, makeup, bracelets, candles, perfume/body spray, nail polish, ankle socks, memory cards for cameras or video games, lotion, nail clippers and candy.

Boys Stocking: Axe Body Spray, Tek Deck, key chains, energy drinks, memory cards, and candy.

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