Advice for Teen Girls: Role Models

Melissa is a 15-year old from Rochester, NY. She enjoys volunteering and singing. Her favorite subject is English language arts because she wants to be a journalist. Melissa is one of our teen writers and also has her own fabulous advice site for teen girls at:, see more advice for girls at her site!

Nowadays it’s becoming harder and harder to find positive teen girl role models. What teens watch on TV really influences them, and a lot of it is negative. But, thankfully there are some celebs out there who still want to take there part in helping out teen girls all around the country!

Advice for Teen Girls: Role ModelsThe American Idol season 6 winner and now successful pop singer, you guessed it, Jordin Sparks, is taking her new job of being a role model very seriously. Not too long ago she has participated in a campaign, ‘Drink Milk for a Change’. Since many teens have an unhealthy diet, this campaign was directed specifically for them. It emphasizes the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and uses milk as a substitute for soda to give an example of one change we can make. It is a great thing when celebrities do ads like this, because teens idolize them. Not only is Jordin Sparks a great milk model, but her own successes are great for teens to model as well. The fact that she has gotten so far in her career at the age of only 19 is a shout out to girls everywhere to pursue their dreams! Jordin Sparks started off as a completely normal teen that auditioned for American Idol and had no idea that she was going to end up winning. Anything can happen, and it’s important to not give up. Jordin Spark’s sends out that message perfectly.

Advice for Teen Girls: Role ModelsAnother star, Taylor Swift has made it big as well. Her songs are heartfelt and many teen girls can relate to them. She speaks to teens through her songs about crushes, heartbreaks or just being a girl. How great is it to have such a down to earth, genuine and normal celebrity? Everything Taylor does continues to send out a positive message to girls, because she stays completely true to herself. She doesn’t get caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle, and she stays perfectly grounded. She knows her limits and speaks her mind in a respectful manner which is something that every teen girl should admire. In fact, she isn’t any different than the rest of us. In her album Fearless she even writes a song about her freshmen year in high school called Fifteen. And of course we all know that Taylor has been through her times of hardships, like for example the harsh breakup with Joe Jonas. If you’re having a bad day, just pop in her CD and listen to her songs and I guarantee you’ll feel almost 100% better!

Advice for Teen Girls: Role ModelsHow could we not mention Selena Gomez? Many Wizards of Waverly Place watchers look up to her, since after all she is definitely making it big on Disney Channel. One of the best things about this young rising star is that she’s completely real and doesn’t pretend to be anyone else. She even tells GL magazine, “I’m young. I just want to be able to have fun and be able to be comfortable with who I am.” Selena Gomez has been reaching out to teen girls everywhere when she opens up in Seventeen magazine as well, talking to them about life’s ups and downs and how to best handle them. She’s just a normal teen girl, and she can definitely relate to teens. With all this, it doesn’t surprise me that she traveled all the way to Ghana to visit the West African country. What a great accomplishment, being the youngest ambassador for UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund).

It’s extremely reassuring to teens everywhere for knowing that there are celebrities out there just like them, going through the same problems. Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice are just a few that have been bullied in the past, and teen stars especially have to deal with loads of drama that is never fun. So it’s great to know that there are some role models who utilize their fame positively to help out teen girls and use their own experiences to do so. Being a teen is a tough time, and these girls make it possible for us to continue loving life anyways.


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