12/4/2009 Best Articles for Parents This Week

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Tonight I will be on the Real Housewives of Orange County helping the Curtin Family get along with their teen daughters.  Be sure to tune in to Bravo 10pm EST!

Top Articles:

5 Lessons Teens Should NOT Take From Twilight

Though the teen blockbuster sensation has plenty of entertainment, not all the messages it sends to young viewers are good. Parents can go over our list of Twilight talking points to start important discussions with their teens.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens and Tweens 2009

They say it’s the little things that count, right? Well, here are our picks for thoughtful stocking stuffers your kids will love.

Articles from Guests:

Teaching Teens How to Show Respect [Guest Post]
Anthony Kane, MD, of parenting blog ccparenting.com, explains that when it comes to teens respecting their parents, it’s all about your expectations.

Articles from Teens:

Teen Community Service Ideas: How to Get Teens More Involved in Charity and Community Service Projects

A four-step guide to creating your own community service project that you care about.

Best Young Adult Fiction: Five Extraordinary Books on My Shelf

An avid reader, Laura, tells us what books take her to another world.

Teen Gift Do’s and Donts!

Gift cards, music and accessories are always welcomed, but clothes, books and Christmas-themed not so much.

The TV Show GLEE: Why there’s a little dork in all of us!

A teen’s perspective on the popular musical-comedy TV show.

Teens and Religion: 4 Steps to Encourage Faith Amongst Teens
From story-telling to group activities, encouraging faith to teens doesn’t have to be a chore or a bore.

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month

The benefits of this accelerated writing program, from curing writers block to feeling a strong sense of accomplishment.

How to Get Youth Passionate

Five ways teens can get motivated about something other than video games, sleeping in or texting.

Picks of the Week

I just reviewed the awesome iPhone App: Spin the Bottle Plus! I actually think this is really cool and crazy to see how much has changed about high school.  I think that I used a ketchup bottle when we were in 11th grade.  This is really simple and you use a shaking motion to get the bottle spinning.  My truth was “what is the best thing about your life right now” and my dare was “bark like a dog with attitude”.  Cute, clean and funny. Check it out!

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Radical Parenting Using Your Intuition Webinar

Parenting Webinar with Vanessa Van Petten and Tara Paterson: Radical Parenting Using Intuition. This Webinar is perfect for parents of all ages and will give parents insight into how they can understand and approach their children with a totally new perspective: Radical Intuition. We become dependent on too many resources outside of ourselves for guidance on parenting. We look to the latest books, advice from experts, family, friends, church, community, web sites, media, etc. What about finding your own inner knowing about how to parent your child?  It is our intention with this cutting edge webinar- Radical Parenting Using Intuition, to empower you as a parent to trust your feelings and intuition when it comes to raising your child.

  • Hear from a parent of 4 intuitive children what it means to use your intuition when interacting with your child.
  • Learn from a teen expert, what tweens and teens are saying about their parents and why certain things work, and other things don’t.

This webinar pairs a seasoned intuitive parent/ parent coach and an experienced intuitive mentor and teen coach together to share both sides of the coin.  A must have tool for all parenting tool boxes!

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