Respect- A Foreign Ideology for Teenagers

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Unfortunately, in this day and age, more and more teens do not give respect to those who deserve it. What is respect, you may ask? And who deserves respect? In my eyes, respect is the act of showing kind and considerate gestures to those around you. It does not matter if you dislike a person greatly, or if you do not know the person, if you would like to gain respect, you must first show it.

However, teens usually complain that they do not get the respect they deserve. How can they obtain so called respect they deserve if they do not first show it? When walking the hallways of my high school, I can point out hundreds of examples of teenagers acting inappropriately to not only their peers, but to teachers as well. They will talk back to their teachers and argue over silly things, when the teacher is rightfully correcting them in their speech or advising them which would set them on the right path.

Teenagers first learn respect from their own household. Parents are the ones that are responsible to instill values and morals into their child at a young age. While they are growing up, parents should set an appropriate example for their kids to follow. Once they mature into teens, hopefully they will have these values instilled in them. Of course, there are going to be environmental factors that will influence them on how they act, such as the school they go to, and the friends they hang out with. If they hang out with a bad crew of people, the negativity might rub off on them. It is the parent’s job to sit down with their kids and talk to them.

As teenagers, of course we are going to rebel and not want to hear what our parents want to tell us. I know that I have disrespected my parents in many ways when I became a teenager. I would talk back to them even when they were trying to guide me on the right path. Instead of parents yelling at their child when they are disrespected they should quietly sit down with them and correct their habits. This will be hard for the teenager, but it shows that parents care about their child enough to actually engage in a conversation in order to correct their teen’s habits in regard to respect. Essentially, parents are the ones that are responsible for teaching their teen respect. It starts first from the home.

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  1. Vimal Harnanan
    December 7, 2009 at 5:33 pm #

    This article is so true. I think after teens read this, they would they would respect theirselves and others to..

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