The Importance of Change

Importance of ChangeI believe that change is one of the most important rights that we have as human beings.  Yet, change has become something that people dread, avoid and fear.  I am reading The Imposter: How a Juvenile Criminal Succeeded in Business and Life by Kip Kreiling and was struck with the first lesson that people CAN completely change and that change is positive.  Kip tells his story of going from a teenage criminal to a highly successful business man and family man.  I will be writing a series of posts based on lessons from each chapter as I read them.  The first chapter got me thinking about the importance of change for all people and how we need to learn to embrace it, not fear it.  And, more importantly knowing that bad habits can be overcome.

How to embrace change in your life:

1) Change Brings Growth

We often fear change of any kind because we are worried about it ruining things we like and habits that we have grown accustomed to.  Although this might be true, letting go of old practices is what makes us grow and mature as people and this can be very positive.

2) Changing Habits Brings Living

It is in our human nature to build habits and routines into our daily lives.  This is why change can seem so scary.  Habits can be a way of us feeling secure, they can also be quite limiting and thoughtless.  We often get into daily habits that allow us to live without thinking.  Changing these habits forces us to think about what we are doing and why we do it.

3) We Can Change

Sometimes our fear of change comes from the fact that we do not think we can.  In The Imposter, Kip doubts his ability to conquer some of his tendencies and change for the better.  It is essential for teens especially to understand that we can change our habits, circumstances and lives if we desire to.

4) Change Can Come Slow

If you want to change something about yourself, it takes work and often times the first few pushes of the flywheel are the hardest. If you keep going, like a flywheel it will go on it’s own.

5) Change Brings A Breath of Life

Even though change can be scary, when we are taken out of our comfort zone we are able to look at ourselves, our lives, and our habits from a new place and re-evaluate.  This can be empowering and is healthy as teens or people grow.

Whether you fear change or you want change but you are afraid you never will.  Think about the different ways you embrace it and how you handle change when it happens.

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