10 Christmas Teen Gift Ideas that are Stocking Stuffers, not Garbage Chuckers

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It’s that time of year again, the Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever-you-want-a-kah shopping spree. In the midst of bull-dozing through Wal-Mart for the greatest steals, the haze of confusion over what to get for your teen can become quite excruciating. Teens. Almost an entirely different species.  Everyone knows what teens want: more freedom, a new car, no parents. This list is a collaboration of the greatest practical gift ideas that are sure to light up your teen’s face like the holiday lights outside.

1. A laptop

2. A cell phone (unlimited texting is the only way to go)

3. A digital camera (Ashton Kutcher anyone?)

4. A pet (no iguanas please)

5. DVDs (recent movies, favorite movies, entire seasons of shows such as Gossip Girl, Heroes, Lost).

6. An iPod

7. CDs

8. iTunes/Money/Gift Cards

9. Clothes (sometimes gift cards are a more satisfactory gift)

10. The ultimate gift—Robert Pattinson (for the girls of course) and Megan Fox (for the boys)

So maybe item number ten isn’t the most practical gift, but a mix-and-match of any of the Christmas gift ideas for teens is sure to brighten up your holiday!

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  1. Katie
    December 9, 2009 at 12:47 pm #

    I do Movie Gift Cards! Perfect for stocking stuffers – and they are so easy to order, I love not having to go to the mall and fight the crowds. I order online from Regal Cinemas! (www.corporateboxoffice.com) It’s super fast and they always have a cute design for the holidays!

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