Ball Tapping: A New Perverse Teen Trend?

Why? Why? I do not know if I can answer why, but here is the “what”

What is Ball Tapping:


It is the act of slapping, kicking or punching a man’s balls in a joking (but painful manner).

It seems to be a popular trend in many schools and on sports teams.

Recently it was reported that it is a very popular trend in Indiana and in a school nurse nationwide survey, nurses all over the country are reporting that many boys are coming in with injuries.

It is causing many problems with the male reproductive system.  Boys who play seem to understand this and say, “ya it causes shooting darts”.

Shooting darts When a male’s sperm is infertile. Usually caused by excessive ball tapping, punching, and kicking of the testis.

Why Ball Tapping?

When speaking to teen boys, many of them see it as harmless fun, an alternative to ‘arm punching’ or ‘Indian burns.’

Check out some of the ball tapping entries on Urban Dictionary, which seems to have both negative and positive connotations:

  • E.B.T.

Excessive ball tapping. When a guy always has to whack another guys balls.
“Cameron must have E.B.T., because he has hit me in the balls 5 times today. 3 of the times was while I was sitting on the crapper. He likes hitting more balls than a golfer.”
  • Ball Sack Tap

The ball sack tap is the deft movement of tapping one’s hand, palm up, onto someone else’s ball sack (with or without clothes on). This can be done by males, to reward one another for something well done.
Have you seen this?

One Response to “Ball Tapping: A New Perverse Teen Trend?”

  1. Rachel
    December 11, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    I’ve seen both these types in my school. The 1st one is normally by accident. For example, a friend of mine (a girl) was talking with big hand gestures and didn’t notice my cousin behind her until she whacked him where it hurts and he was kneeling over on the ground….

    The second one i normally see with guys that are close friends. I’m not sure where they “learned” this but I’m assuming that some other friends started it and it just snowballed. They do it for fun, like a weird way to make their guy friends’ nervous.

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