Great Holiday Gifts for your Friends (or any teen!)

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This is a list of some great gifts to get for a friend during the holiday season. These gifts are pretty affordable and easy to get, especially on a budget.

CD’s and DVD’s – If your friend has a band they’ve recently become obsessed with, get them their newest CD or their last few albums! If you have a friend who is a huge fan of a television show, you could get them a few seasons on DVD. This is an especially great gift for guys, because they’re often hard to shop for!

Framed Photos – Some nice frames with a few fun photos are a cute personalized gift a friend could use throughout their room to remind them of you!

Headphones or other Tech Gear – It may take some searching, but many stores offer affordable tech gear such as headphones,mp3 players and laptop cases. Some new headphones could really

Books- I know books may seem like a lame gift you would get from your parents at first, but they can be a great gift for someone who loves to reads often. If you don’t know what kind of books they like, a gift certificate to a nearby bookstore could be perfect.

Accessories – You may not want to buy clothing for a friend, but accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, hats, and purses can be a great gift if you know your friend’s sense of personal style.

Cold hard cash! Even though a gift like plain money could seem less personal than the gifts listed above, but anyone (especially teenagers) would appreciate. Gift cards can also be a good idea if your friend has a favorite store.

It’s great to get gifts for your friends without spending all your savings! These are only a few ideas for affordable gifts for friends.

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