12-18-2009 Best Parenting Articles This Week

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The holidays are coming up fast!

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Top Articles:

Ball Tapping: A New Perverse Teen Trend?

Vanessa defines this disturbing new trend, though she cannot explain why more and more teens are participating.

Articles from Guests:

Monitoring 101: Kids Online [Guest Post]

Ellen Ohlenbusch, president of McGruff SafeGuard, explains why it is important to monitor our kids Internet use and what are the best ways of going about it.

Tips for Poster Projects: Don’t Dread the Poster Projects [Guest Post]

Michele Demsky of ArtSkills.com gives 8 tips to a great poster for a class assignment.

Articles from Teens:

Ask-A-Teen Column: Reasoning with Rebellion

Rebellion is a natural part of growing up for many teens, but parents often don’t know how to handle this behavior. Our Ask-A-Teen columnists give us their insight on handling your rebellious teens.

Great Holiday Gifts for your Friends (or any teen!)

Holidays can be stressful as it is. Don’t let gift-buying add to that stress! Cheap holiday gift ideas that are easy to get.

How to Buy Gifts For Teens This Christmas

Tips on how to get presents for your teens that wont need gift receipts.

Picks of the Week


“Parenting Is a Contact Sport” shows parents how to build a relatoinship with your children that’s so strong, nothing will sever it. From toddlerhood to teen and beyond you can make “real” contact with your kids, forming an unbreakable bond that makes you the person they want to share with and gives you the opportunity to guide and counsel them in every phase of their lives. Moms and Dads, you don’t have to tear your hair out just yet, but get ready to dig deep, get your hands dirty and really jump into the new contact sport that has more challenges than football, baseball, basketball or hockey…it’s called PARENTING!

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