Life of a Tween

Vivian is a 14-year-old from Miami, FL. She enjoys music and hanging out with friends. In the future, she hopes to become a psychologist because she loveshelping others in their times of need.

I still remember when I was a preteen, as I was one not too long ago. Some people would call those days the awkward days, and in many ways, I agree. I look back and realize that I, and many other preteens around me, was a follower of the herd, trying to fit in and trying to be cool like the big kids. We would always want to be like the teenagers, watching PG-13 movies and faking our ages on MySpace. When a child is 9-12, they’re too old to do the kid stuff but too young to do the teen stuff. So what are they able to do? I, for one, did not want to stay a kid, I wanted to grow up already, so I went with the older option. This is an example that I can say was for many of the tweens that I was surrounded with who also had many pressures in order to fit in. Some pressures included music and TV, clothing, attitudes and speech, romantic relationships, and identity.  

Music and TV:

These days, Disney Channel is an enormous influence of tweens. From Hannah Montana, Jonas, to Wizards of Waverly Place, many actors are becoming role models for these young people. These celebrities have been influencing the tweens so much that they want to watch all of their episodes, listen to all of their music, and even follow their personal lives in magazines like Popstar! and Tigerbeat, which have been created because of the high demand from tween girls. According to Wikipedia, Tigerbeat publishes these magazines in order to have tweens and other fan-crazed adolescents to be “buying the magazine due to the recent featuring of ‘pre-teen’ teen idols”.


Tweens, as stated before, really care about fitting in. They want to start buying many teenage clothes in order to look fashionable and are more interested in the hip brand names including Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle. As they become older, they become disinterested in brands like Justice that specifically cater to young girls. In addition, many (and I’m not saying all) tween girls have virtually no knowledge of modesty, so they start trying to show their developing bodies in inappropriate ways. They simply think that it’s fashionable to wear a mini skirt and a really low top because that is what others are doing, and although teenagers do this as well, they are usually more knowledgeable in modesty.

Attitudes and Speech:

Curse words are now flying out of tween mouths, and most of the time, it’s not even because they are angry. They just think that it is fun to say, and as my friend puts it, “it gets a little repetitive and sounds dumb.” These words are being introduced into the tween lives, and before one knows it, they start leaving out of their mouths, thinking that it’s cool to say them. Moreover, tweens are starting to rebel more against authority and drift away from their parents. They want a new sense of independence that they did not really have in childhood.

Romantic Relationships:

For adults, it may be shocking to walk in the halls of some middle schools. There are actually many couples passing by, some even showing public displays of affection. However, for the regular students, it is part of everyday life, and they start to feel compelled to have relationships themselves. Because hormones begin to act up at these ages, they start contemplating about “love”, and relationships may start to become a daily part of their lives. They think it’s cool to have a boyfriend/girlfriend and soon enough, their whole entire group of friends have one!


As stated before, tweens try to become more independent. They also try to fit in with a certain image or style that suits them the best, such as being a skater or a prep. It’s like trying on new clothes-they see whether or not one style looks good or is comfortable. They try on these styles mostly because they want to fit in with a certain group that have the same interests as them, and this is understandable because they are simply trying to find who they really are.

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