7 Tips on How to Apply to the Amazing Race

If you love adventure and travel you have probably considered applying to the Amazing Race. Last year (before the 2009 season) Scott and I applied.  We got pretty creative with our application, but found out later that because we speak so many languages and have lived in so many international locations, our chances of getting on were slim to none.  We think it is an awesome show so wanted to share some tips for getting on.

1. CBS is not always accepting applications, but you can see if they have next season’s application up here: CBS Application FAQs

2. Be Unique!

We actually printed out the yellow clue envelope and made our own clue so that our application looked like one of the pit stops.

3. Make Your Video Fun

As you can see in our video we made it like their intro and tried to be pretty fun and interesting. You have to think to yourself, would people want to see a few hours of you on television after seeing this video?

4. Be Genuine and Don’t Lie

It never works to your advantage to lie. If they catch you after going through the whole process everyone will be upset. Plus you do not want to contradict yourself later.

5. Have An Angle

Almost all of the pairs on the Amazing Race have an angle–two gay brothers, the hippie couple, the sorority girls, the divorcees…think of your angle.

6. Follow the Instructions

Make sure to read the instructions. Don’t get eliminated because your video exceeded the time limit or because you did not fill out a question.

7. Have An Emotional Reason to Apply

Almost every pair has an emotional reason for wanting to be on the Amazing Race.  If you are going to apply think of a reason you want to be there other than the money…to bond, to show the world your unique perspective….

Good luck!

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