10 Best Beaches in Israel

After returning from Israel this summer, I wanted to write a post about the ten best beaches in Israel. Check out my trip:


1. Tel Aviv’s Gordon Beach: This beach is a great place to see a variety of beautiful people visiting Israel.  You get the sunbathers, the partiers and the families at this beach.

2. Caesarea’s Aqueduct Beach: Ceasarea is stunning, this beach is even better.  It can be a little rough for swimming, but a great are to go after visiting the ruins.

3. Tiberias: This beach is a bit rocky, but I love the music playing on the speakers and the little cafes that line the water.

4. Sea of Galilee’s Ein Gev Resort Village Beach: It does not get much better than the freshwater in the Sea of Galilee, which is known for its healing qualities.  You have to be a guest here to use the beach but it is so worth it!

5. Dead Sea: The sea is said to cure everything from cancer to dry skin.  Bath in the salty waters and use some of the mineral rich mud on your skin and you will never feel softer.  Watch the rocks and do NOT shave before heading in.

6. Eilat’s Coral Beach Nature Reserve: Enjoy the snorkeling in this great nature reserve.  Amazing sea life and beautiful scenery to boot!

7. Haifa Beach: Not a beach where you can get some peace and solitude, but great for scenery, people watching and a nice swim below the Bahai Gardens.

8. Eilat’s Dolphin Reef Beach: Yes, a real resident dolphin population! Check out this beach for swimming casually or to see some amazing marine life.

9. Netanya Beach: Catch a game of Matkot on this beach.  This played by using two paddles with a small rubber ball. The object of the game is to simply hit the ball back and forth. This and beautiful sunbathers will lay along Netanya’s beaches.

10. Herzelia Beach: Known for being one of Israel’s richer areas, there are some gorgeous people on this beach as well as some great cafes and swimming.

Add yours below!

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