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Gema is an 18-year old from Miami, FL. She loves reading and writing young adult fiction and claims to pass out in the presence of sterile wit.board(ing) games by Chris Blakeley.

This may be attributed to having an old soul, but when I think games, I think violence. I think about boys jumping on their seats and biting their bottom lips as they aim to shoot the digital enemy’s head off. I think of how they choose their weapons as carefully as a sniper. I think of their glee when the blood splatters on the screen. It’s alarming, really. For a moment there, I forget that games aren’t always digital and that not all digital games are violent.


Growing up, I never tried Dance Dance Revolution, but this was mostly because it was considered a nerd game. Later I learned that hidden away in basements and in far away arcades were many of the teens that had previously denounced the addiction. DDR is a game where the person stands in the middle of eight-way arrows. As a song progresses, arrows appear on the screen and the player must step on the arrows given.  The game mixes music with fast pace fun. Big plus: It’s a game teens can play without their parents nagging about how they just sit on their butt all day.

Brain Age:

I am personally obsessed with this game. (As if you needed any more evidence to prove I’m a nerd.) Currently, I have Brain Age 2. The game uses a series of tests (for example, figuring out a word from scrabbled letters of guessing the sign on a math problem) to figure out “how old” your brain is. The player should aim for a twenty-year old brain. The games are designed to stimulate your brain to help your concentration, memory and have fun all at once.

Card Games:

Before getting my first computer in the sixth grade (I feel old now), my card games were played using actual cards and not the pretty ones that came with my PC’s solitaire. Some schools get anxious about kids playing because of any potential gambling. In my high school, however, we spent our lunchtime playing games such as I Declare War and Uno. Card games are a great way to pass the time with friends without worrying about charging any batteries.


Charades is a game that everyone can get in on. Teens may roll their eyes at it when it’s played with their family, but it’s a secret pleasure that comes out among friends. It’s a game where the person must act out a word and their teammates must guess what it is. It’s fun, active and you’ll have a lot of respect for mimes when your turn is over.

With so many glares from the media, we tend to forget that not all video games are violent and not that not all games are video games. It’s up to us to choose our method of entertainment. DDR is active and Brain Age is simulating. Card games and charades helps kids socialize without a screen to burn their eyes off. These are just four of hundreds of others that don’t involve death and destruction.

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