Santa Claus Is Coming To Town… or has he always been here?

Yessenia is a 17-year-old girl that enjoys investing in her future and knowledge. She plans to be a racecar driver and attend Williams college.

As a little kid, I remember going to sleep late on December 24, waiting for Santa to arrive. My parents would sometimes wait with me because they were just as excited as I was. I never got to see him though, I never saw him come through the chimney. First, I did not have a chimney and second, Santa would always wait until I fell asleep. In the morning I would wake up (excited chance it) and I would run down the stairs hoping to find the presents I asked for under the Christmas tree. I would desperately tear up the gift-wrap to find my desirable toys. My parents would always be behind me holding a great smile in their faces when I would say, “Santa came but I didn’t have a chance to see him, oh well he brought all the toys I asked for.”  They would always ask me to behave, to be a good girl. Otherwise, they would threat that Santa would not come if I were disobedient and unhealthy; unfortunately I would have to eat all my vegetables. For years and years I tried to trick Santa, I tried to get him caught. I wanted to see what he really looked like; I wanted to thank him for all those Christmases of happiness.

I would give everything to go back to those years of innocence, when I thought the world was full of love and peace. It hurt me to find out that Santa was not chunky or white. He did not have a white beard and did not come through the window as I had hypothesized. It had been my parents the whole time, no wonder they knew all the toys I wanted. They would always ask me to write a letter to him and place it under the tree. It was so much fun my mother would actually help me write my letter, and write stuff like “Don’t be cheap Santa.” I am pretty sure I am not the only one who got fooled like this at the age of six, only that there are other teenagers who found out earlier in their lives who Santa was. Even though now it is hard to hide from kids who Santa is, it’s nice and fun to try to convince kids that Santa has to bust a mission to bring us our toys.

Parents, I would recommend and suggest that you play the role of Santa as long as you can, and most importantly understand that the prize of the toys Santa brings do not really matter. What matters is that’s Santa picks them with love and that parents know that whatever toys they give bring smiles and expressions of thanks. Innocence is something that parents should try to maintain in their kids because this is the only time innocence can take part of their lives. As we start to grow up and see the world that surrounds us, we are going to want to regain that innocence again.  Even though we cannot possess innocence again, we had it as children and that is an unforgettable gift.

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