12-25-2009 Best Articles for Parents

Picks of the Week

My interview on Allen Cardoza’s show: http://www.answers4thefamilyblog.com

These articles are by www.safehomehappymom.com. Blessing O. holds a B.Sc degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. After years of attending safety courses in the workplace, she is committed to bringing safety into every mothers home. Every mother tries to be safety-conscious and her goal is to enhance that safety instinct, share near misses through forums and blogs while promoting a safe lifestyle with our food, environment, home, and even the holidays.

Safe Driving Secrets for Mothers this Holiday
This holiday season, even with the recession, more and more people are taking to the roads, shopping, visiting friends and family. Hence, this is one of the most dangerous times of the year, and in the blink of an eye, a holiday celebration could go sour and could result in a lifetime tragedy.

Online Parental Boundaries –
Helping Your Child Navigate the CyberWorld
Children’s exposure to negative internet content is on the rise. Exposure to pornographic, violent online games, online gambling, and so on has deemed the cyber world unsafe for our kids.

Disinfectant Overkill
Most disinfectant products say their products will help you keep a cleaner and healthier home but is that completely true? Growing research has shown the potential problem unleashed by the increased use of disinfectants in the home.

Mindful Eating This Holiday
Avoid the 5 pounds the average American gains this holiday season! For people who are already overweight, the holiday weight news is worse. Here are the five tips I will share with you to maintain or possibly lose weight this holiday season.

The Teens’ Speech
UK based children’s charity Barnardos has been interviewing teenagers around Britain for the past few months finding out their hopes and fears, dreams and aspirations for the future. The most thoughtful, insightful and quirky content will feature in “The Teens’ Speech” to be broadcast on MySpace on Christmas day.

Book of the Week

“Stressed Family, Strong Family.”
Free Copy of E-Book ‘Stressed family, Strong Family’
By William R. Taylor, M.D.
Family psychiatrist presents many self-help ideas, including survey, “Help Me Cope.”  that youths fill out. Youth then discusses his/her survey answers with parent or other trusted adult in order to help that youth to cope better with stress. Other chapters describe family strengths that aid resilience and coping.

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