Advice for Teen Girls: Be A Good Sport

Melissa is a 15-year old from Rochester, NY. She enjoys volunteering and singing. Her favorite subject is English language arts because she wants to be a journalist. Melissa is one of our teen writers and also has her own fabulous advice site for teen girls at:, see more advice for girls at her site!

Sports are becoming more and more popular to teen girls around the world. It’s no surprise since there are so many positive outcomes to joining a sports team that many girls are discovering.

Exercise is essential to anyone’s life, and being involved in a sport allows it to be easier to achieve the proper amount! With all of the technology distractions like television, Facebook, and cell phones, many teens are living an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. That is why being in a sport is so greatly encouraged, since many find it an enjoyable way to get exercise.

Being part of a team helps you feel included in something and meet new people with the same interests as you. According to an article from the Women’s Sports Foundation, sports will teach you several skills like teamwork, leadership and even math skills which are essential throughout adulthood. If you’re doing it with your friends, then that’s a great way for everyone to do something together. If you’re doing it alone, then this allows you to branch out and form new friendships. Playing sports creates a positive body image and higher self esteem. Also exercise makes you feel happier and reduce stress.

There are so many benefits of joining a sport, whether you want to stay fit, make friends, or simply just add something to a boring schedule. Not thinking you’re really a sporty girl? Start experimenting with different ones, and yes dance does count! If you’re really determined, with the right amount of practicing you could become better than you thought you could. But if sports really aren’t your thing, you can still exercise, but choose other activities to participate in instead (maybe math team, school plays, or piano). You may have a talent you haven’t yet discovered, so go out and discover it!

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