1-15-2010 Best Parenting Articles This Week

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We are in South America–Argentina, Chile and Uruguay working on our next book Parenting is Flat! Hope your January is super!”

Top Articles:

Internet Addiction Disorder: 10 Tips If You Have An Addiction to the Internet

With the Internet being such a prominent part in most of our lives, its easy to get caught up in the virtual world and not realize you could be addicted to it!

Articles from Guests:

Developing Your Child’s Healthy Dental Hygiene Habits [Guest Post]

Jennifer Walsh, writer for DentalAssitant.net, explains how to help your child develop healthy hygiene habits now, which will last them forever.

Articles from Teens:

Advice for Teen Girls: Be A Good Sport

Why team sports are great confidence boosters for teen girls.

The Science of Snoozing

Growing teens need a lot more sleep than most of us and yet they probably get the least. Top reasons why it’s important for our youth to get their Zs.

Teen Parenting: The Difference Between A Puppy and A Baby

Six ways raising a puppy is much harder than raising a baby, which is why teens should be aware of safe sex.
Win the War on Bedroom Clutter: Confessions of a Teen

One of our teen writers contributes to More Time Moms blog, with her 4 steps to a cleaner and more organized bedroom.

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