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Karis is a 16-year-old living in Middle Earth most of the time. She wishes that she were born 10000 years in the future (or however long it takes to reach the pinnacle of human civilization). She can normally be found between the pages of a book or in the kitchen.

Everyone is, in a sense, a flavor of ice cream. People can have rocky road, rum raisin, mint chocolate chip, or Neapolitan personalities. Various toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and nuts can be added on top of ice cream but very few people choose to do so. These ice cream toppings can be seen as the defining characteristics of an individual such as their hobbies and miscellaneous activities.

These hobbies often begin at a young age when parents push their young children into enrolling into a variety of classes, such as painting, pottery, piano, and ballet in hopes that their children will become the next Monet or Mozart. Usually these activities are progressively dropped as toddlers move through adolescence and become teenagers. But occasionally, children find something they are really passionate about and stick with it for the rest of their life. More often, teenagers rediscover creative outlets in order to express themselves and meet new people. The most common creative outlets are fairly traditional, such as music, art, sewing, and knitting. Music and art are like the chocolate and nut toppings. Everyone likes them, and they come in various flavors and types: white chocolate is like classical music, dark chocolate like rock music, realistic paintings like hazelnuts, computer animation like peanuts. Personally, I enjoy sewing and creating my own casual outfits for everyday wear and outrageous costumes for occasions such as Halloween. But, not many people I know of are into sewing and fashion. I only have one other friend who enjoys creating costumes with me. This is always the hardest part about hobbies and; it is hard to find others who share the same interests. But, with the creation of the internet, there is a new generation of creative outlets for teenagers, enabling them to reach a broader audience.

Online blogs such as Livejournal and Blogger allow teenagers to put up their writing and poetry thereby enabling them to connect with an audience that can appreciate their work. There are even online networks for art and fashion such as Deviantart and LookBook. I have a Deviantart account myself; I post pictures of my clothing and I meet a lot of online ‘real-world’ people because of this account. There are creative networks for nearly every type of hobby on the internet. The internet is truly a worldwide phenomenon that allows artists in Tokyo to connect with poets in San Francisco. And while the internet is an effective end for creativity, it is also dangerous. The internet is home to plagiarists, sexual predators, and identity thieves, so people must always be wary about what they post on the internet.

Different ice cream flavors and ice cream toppings make a unique combination, similar to the different personalities and hobbies that everyone has. Each combination of ice cream flavors and toppings, such as vanilla and hazelnuts or rum raisin and dark chocolate, should be shared and tasted by people who can enjoy those specific combinations. For artists, musicians, and clothing designers, the internet is a cheap and effective way to share their products to a broad audience. Instead of the literary magazine contests and art contests of the past, the new generation of creative outlets on the internet allows upcoming artists to achieve notoriety much easier, thereby allowing everyone to easily have a little taste of someone else.

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