10 Things to Do in Ushuaia, Argentina: Tips for Tourists

Background of Ushuaia, Argentina: Ushuaia is the gateway to Argentina’s Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and very near Cape Horn.  At the very base of Chile and Argentina this city of 70,000 is only about 450 miles from Antartica!

There are tons of things for tourists to do in Ushuaia, Argentina.  Here are a few things to do for tourists:

1. Artisan Fairs

Right at the base of the port there are a few artisan fairs with homemade penguin chess sets, knit wool caps and more.

2. Prison Museum

Ushuaia used to be a prison compound.  Now their old barracks are a museum for tourists.

3. Maritime Museum

This is also in the military prison and exhibits the story of Ushuaia and how the Argentine navy played a huge part in its development.

4. End of the World Museum

This is a pretty cool tshirt.  You can also see how the indigenous people lived and eventually perished in the Ushuaia area.

5. Sea Wolves Island

You can get a boat to sail around the Beagle Channel to see the lobos, or Sea Wolves on Sea Wolves Island.

6. Beagle Channel

We highly recommend getting a catamaran on a clear day and seeing the channel as well as some of the Tierra del Fuego.

7. Bird Island

You can also stop and see bird island to see some national birds and penguins in the area.

8. Tierra Del Fuego National Park

This is a stunning reserve with native rabbits, birds and wilderness.  You can go camping or take a tour around the park.

9. The Martial Glacier

This is a bit outside of Ushuaia but the chairlift can take you from the base to the top.

10. Ushuaia Center

Ushuaia is an adorable town with great little houses and restaurants known for very very fresh seafood. Take a drive or walk around town if you can.

Traveling Tips for Ushuaia, Argentina:

*Currency in Ushuaia is the Argentinian Peso

*Yerba Mate is famous in Ushuaia

*10% tip is customary at restaurants

*Ushuaia is famous for their chocolate!

*Ushuaia is a tax free zone for tourists…great for gifts!

Tourists Cruising to Ushuaia, Argentina

If you are cruising to Ushuaia, the shore excursions can be a little pricey. As long as there are not a ton of cruise liners in port, there are always taxi driver tour guides waiting at the port entrance that you can take for much cheaper and on your own time.

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