Best Things To Do in Montevideo, Uruguay: Tips for Tourists Traveling to Montevideo

There are a few things that tourists should do while traveling or staying in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Be sure to also check out our travel tips to Montevideo, Uruguay as well as our Location Handbook for Montevideo, Uruguay.

Here is what you should do if you are traveling to Montevideo, Uruguay:

1. The Old City

This is an area protected by the UNESCO World Heritage center.  Go to the Plaza Constiticion and Mercado del Puerto for some shopping. You can also pass by Casa Garibaldi, Casa Riviera and Museo Romantico.

2. Iglesia Matriz

The  is also in the old city and one of Montevideo’s earliest public structure, dating back to 1804, Iglesia Matriz is located near the Plaza Constitucion (also known as the Plaza Matriz).

3. Museo Historico Nacional and Museo del Gaucho

These are two great museums in downtown Montevideo and show the former residences of the country’s first president.

4. Plazas: Independencia, Fabini and Cagancha

Each of these plaza’s are within walking distance and have the Mercado de Los Artesanos, a cool underground art exhibit in the Subte (subway area) and great outdoor markets.  Be sure to stop and get a Pancho-hotdog at a local café.

5. Teatro Solis

This opened in 1856, and has a beautiful exterior.  You can also get tickets for some of their local events.

6. Palacio Estevez

This is a great view to see how Montevideo is really a combination of old Europe and South America. You can also take a look at the Palacio Salvo which was the tallest building in South America when it was built in the 1920s.

7. Pocitos Neighborhood

This is a more upscale area with quiet shops, cafes and some great buildings.  We also stopped at Cake which has the most amazing desserts in the city! (José Ellauri 1067 )

8. La Rambla

This is a port city so the Rambla lines the port for many miles.  It is a great walk up the coast to see the latte colored water (from silt not trash), Rio de la Plata beaches and the city.

9. Barrio Sur

Not a huge stop but worth at least a drive through in a cab. This is the African Uruguayan community—the center for candombe which is a Uruguayan African musical rhythm.  The older buildings and interesting graffiti are a different side to Montevideo for tourists.

10. Tristán Narvaja Street Fair

Here you will find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to amazing vintage jewelry!

This is a city to sit and watch people in the many parks and plazas.  There is not a whole lot to do in Montevideo, but the people are incredibly friendly and the steak great!

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