Top 10 Things to Do in Puerto Madryn, Argentina: Tips for Tourists

Puerto Madryn is on the Eastern coast of Argentina and has amazing wildlife. It is a relatively new city and the area has more sheep than people, but has some beautiful sites. Tourists can spend one or two days here (you need a car or van) because everything is very spread out.

1. Punta Loma Natural Reserve

This is about 15 miles outside of Puerto Madryn, but has tons of great sites for wildlife spotting.

2. San Lorenzo Estancia

San Lorenzo Estancia is great for tourists visiting Puerto Madryn! It is the land of the penguins.  You can travel there and see a beach full of the little waddling cuties.  They also have great authentic Argentinian lunch and Mablec wine.

3. Tehuelche Monument

This is a statue on top of the hill overlooking the bay and is dedicated to the indigenous Tehuelche people.

4. Puerto Madryn Paleontology Museum

This is a great little museum that has a wonderful display of dinosaur fossils to check out.

5. Punta Tomba

This is another area for penguins—approximately 2 million inhabit these beaches.  The area is a little farther south than Puerto Madryn but if you are a penguin lover, totally worth it.

6. Gaiman

This is a sweet little town on the Chubut river.  You can visit a number of cute tea houses in this area as well as see some structures similar to the original colonial style.

7. Puerto Madryn Ecocenter for Tourists

Another thing that tourists can do in Puerto Madryn is visit the Ecocenter. Patagonia has a rich oceanographic ecosystem and this museum and research facility helps conduct this research.

8. Valdes Peninsula

This is a famous peninsula northeast of Puerto Madryn and has many beautiful sea birds and sea elephant to see.

9. Bird Island

Take a catamaran out to Bird Island to see the coast line as well as some gorgeous native birds to this area.

10. Doradillo Beach

This is a great place to go whale watching.  Of course, it depends on the season, but the area is perfect for spotting all kinds of migrating whales.

Puerto Madryn is really building up their tourist industry and we highly recommend spending a day or two exploring the area.

Cruising to Puerto Madryn

If you are cruising to Puerto Madryn and wondering what to do or if you should take one of the boats shore excursions in Puerto Madryn, I would recommend hiring a local tour guide and having him take you in a smaller car to many of the areas.  There is a lot of driving here and the motorcoaches have to go slow over the mostly gravel roads and take much longer.  With a guide/driver you can visit more places in a faster pace.

We loved Patricio Escobar who is an amazing guide and naturalist for this whole area.

Tour Guide Information for Puerto Madryn:, 15321924 (cell)

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