Top Things to Do in Puerto Montt, Chile: Tips for Tourists Traveling to Puerto Varas, Frutillar and Osorno

The Puerto Montt region is a great place to visit whether on a drive through Chile or on a cruise.  There are a bunch of things you can do in the surrounding areas while you are visiting the Puerto Montt area.

1. Puerto Montt Waterfront

Puerto Montt itself is a bit industrial, but it has a great waterfront with shops and a view of the port area.

2. Puerto Varas

This is like Chile’s Aspen.  It is a beautiful little town that overlooks Lake Llanquihue (which is the second largest lake in Chile).  The lodges, hotels and wine bistros are fabulous.

3. Frutillar

This is a quaint German town outside of Puerto Montt that is totally worth the visit.  Also on the shore of Lake Llanquihue, the German cottages are protected by the historical society, cafes and little shops are adorable.

4. Petrohue Waterfalls

You definitely want to take a visit to the Petrohue Waterfalls that are a stunning blue coming off of the volcano.  You also get an amazing view of Osorno.

5. Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Taking a drive through this national park is wonderful.  It is extremely green and you can drive along the Petrohue river and do some white water rafting!

6. Chiloe Island

This is a 30 minute ferry ride from Puerto Montt and you can see how the Island has developed it’s own style and culture.

7. Nueva Braunau

This is another tiny German town from the 1800’s.  The museum is also sweet and all of the houses have wonderful rose gardens and flowers.

8. Alerce Andino National Park

This is a beautiful reserve overlooking the Reloncavi Sanctuary.  The lagoons and large trees make for some great pictures.

9. Osorno Volcano

You can’t miss it, but you might want to drive up to take some pictures.  Also along the Lake you can get fresh salmon lunch and gaze up at the snowy peaks.

10. Lahuen nadi Park

This forest has some of the oldest trees in the world! It is a great spot to hike and see the old protected species of Pine.

If You Are Cruising to Puerto Montt, Argentina

You can do A LOT in a day if you so desire.  The shore excursions in Puerto Montt NEVER cover everything because you cannot move fast enough with 60 people in a large bus.  We highly recommend going on your own in a cab or getting a tour.  We loved GV tours:  They actually have a test for their tour guides and pack in the day so you are moving and shaking, but not exhausted.

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