Celebrity Cruises vs Princess Cruises

We have cruised on both Celebrity and Princess on comparable trips and have found that they both offer great benefits and negatives.  Here we outline the different areas and you can decide which you value most in cruising.  Would also welcome your comments:

Cruise Buffet Dining:

Princess Cruises– Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all good with a variety of options. Winner!

Celebrity Cruise- Breakfast and lunch were good, but dinner was sorely lacking.

Note: Breakfast and lunch are delicious, but dinner was terrible with very few options (they really want you in the dining room).

Cruise Restaurant Dining:

Princess Cruises- More limited menu, but delicious food.

-Princess had more options and rotating restaurants.  If you like to be in one place Celebrity is for you.  If you like a different place each night, Princess is better.

Celebrity Cruise- Great restaurant dining and menus. Winner!

Note: Fruit on Celebrity was not good.

Cruise Rooms:

We found both to be quite equal. Celebrity’s bathrooms felt a bit more spacious.

Cruise Service:

Princess Cruises- We liked Princess far better than Carnival and thought overall service was good.

Celebrity Cruise- The service on the Celebrity we thought was a bit better all over the ship. Winner!

Cruise Performances:

Princess Cruises- We thought Princess entertainment was only ok.

Celebrity Cruise- Performances were outstanding on the Celebrity even in the lounges! Winner!

Cruise Activities:

Princess Cruises- Princess had amazing activities with a great activity staff. Winner!

Celebrity Cruise- Celebrities activities were only OK, not much variety and the leaders could be a bit slow.

Cruise Shore Excursions:

Princess Cruises- Princess had great shore excursions and were reasonably priced. Winner!

Celebrity Cruise- We had very mixed experiences with our excursions and asked for a refund on one.  Many other cruisers with us had terrible experiences on their excursions on trips that Celebrity had done many times before…not good.

Cruise Guest Relations:

Princess Cruises- They were there when you needed them, but did not go out of their way. Winner!

Celebrity Cruise- The guest relations onboard was ok if they could help you, if you wanted to switch rooms…forget it. They actually ignored our calls four times. We are still waiting to hear back.


*Some guests remarked that the “Bridge Events” onboard Celebrity were terrible. If you enjoy Bridge.

*Celebrity did offer a naturalist onboard who gave amazing presentations, this was not available on Princess.

*Celebrity Dance classes were worse than Princess’.  If you are interested in Dance.

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