1-22-2010 Best Parenting Articles of the Week

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We have been asked back–We are on Real Housewives of Orange County This week on Bravo, Thursday January 21st, 10pm EST, 7pm EST.  Be sure to tune in it should be a crazy episode = )

We are also still in South America–Argentina, Chile and Uruguay working on our next book Parenting is Flat! Hope your January is super!

Top Articles:

20/20 Parenting

A four-step guide to being the “right” kind of parent for your child.

The CliffsNotes Guide to Parenting

The five things teens wish their parents knew.

The 10 Ultimate MISTAKES Parents Make

Vanessa’s shares the top mistakes she sees parents make, from being jealous of their kids to pressuring them too much.

Articles from Teens:

2010: Teens New Year’s Resolution

An informal survey of a group of teens led to this list of the top teen new year’s resolutions.

Shooting Stars Forever Shining…

Nothing is impossible with self-confidence and a strong sense of faith.

I Scream Creatively

Creative outlets for teens vary from the classics, like mint chocolate chip ice cream or music, to the more alternative, like rum raisin or blogging.

Teens and Their View on Sex

A candid Q&A with actual teens and their various perspectives on sex.

Picks of the Week:

These articles are by our featured blogger today, Nicole Curry who writes about the ups and downs of leaving the US to live and travel in Asia with her husband and 3 boys.

Saying Goodbye….
The goodbyes that going along with the adventure of travel.

A Very Merry Christmas Eve…..
After anticipating an anti climatic Christmas we were pleasantly surprised to find Christmas in Saigon to be very Merry indeed.

Words of Wisdom from A 5 year old…
How our 5 year old transformed an angry mob (the rest of us) into a peaceful family….at least for 1 night.

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