Giving Advice to my 10-Year Old Self

Katherine is a 17-year-old from Norwich, CT. She enjoys asking questions, learning, staying away from all that is normal, and doing things with her hands; i.e. knitting, sewing, and making jewlery.Entering Her Teens by jnm_ua.

When I was 10-years-old, I was in fifth grade at Bishop Elementary School. I lived right near downtown Norwich in a 2-story house with my mom, my brother, and my Pepe – a family friend. I had 2 best friends that I can distinctly remember: Samuel and Jen. I enjoyed playing 4-square, riding my bike, being outside, reading, making toys and jewelry and crafts, eating pizza rolls, sleepovers, buying key chains at the mall, Boy Meets World, New Found Glory, Blink 182, and other semi-typical 10-year-old things.

I was pretty quiet, if I remember correctly. I had best friends but I could feel how differently I acted around them, so I generally liked being by myself. If I could talk to the 10-year-old Katherine Rose now, then I would tell her that is a good thing. I know that could be looked at as depressing but it’s not intended to be. It is truly hard and rare to find someone with who you have a genuine and honest connection, so by not expecting it you won’t fool yourself into thinking that you have one.

I think I would mostly ask myself questions to remind myself what I was like. I’m pretty sure I was a happy kid, so I would like to remind myself how to be that carefree. I would advise the 10-year-old me to continue being optimistic and not to end up feeling so hopeless at 17, because it’s stupid and unnecessary. I’d encourage myself to not put so much faith in “the system,” schooling, the country, people, or money because their necessity is subjective to each lifestyle and person – especially money. I would tell myself to learn to live without it.

I would tell myself to try to become more interested – and stay committed – to hobbies like music or art. They help you, or at least my current self, feel more accomplished than other things would.

Along with that I would definitely tell myself to find a job and get a permit right at 16, and then a car as soon as possible. Doing those things would be so helpful to me now!

Besides that I would encourage the 10-year-old to just do what feels right. Even though sometimes I feel like giving up and like everything in the entire world is wrong, I generally like my life and love the amazing people in it and different aspects of it, so I wouldn’t want anything to drastically change.

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