Maternal Influence

Becca is a 16 year-old from West Palm Beach, FL. She loves to cook and travel, and she would like to study International Business in the future.Mother and Daughter by Pink Spotted Elephant.

I am a teenage mother.

No, I don’t have any biological children- but if you ask people from my many circles of friends, they’re sure to tell you that I am the mother of the group. I’m the

Lacrosse Mom, the Girl Who Bakes, the Chauffeur, the Secret Keeper, and, of course, the Advice Giver. Ever since I was little, drama simply never appealed to me, so I’d inevitably end up acting as the mediator or the girl who’d rather listen than talk. As I’ve grown older, this role has become increasingly important as my friends turn to me regularly, knowing that I’ll have some no-nonsense, all-common-sense motherly-advice to help with their problems.

At age seventeen, I think that I may have heard more stories and excuses than many real mothers. While a typical mom has two or three children to focus on, I have to look out for dozens. This is why a surprisingly significant portion of my grade is acquainted with my famous advice. What most of them don’t realize is that much of what I have to offer stems from my relationships with both my mother and her mother- my Bubbe.  As a child, I would always wonder if I’d be like them when I grew up. I now realize that the answer is yes. I have my Bubbe’s independence and love of life, and have dutifully adopted her classic lines, “All I have to do is die and pay taxes,” and, “Would you have me any other way?” My friends laugh with me, not at me, when I recite these lines, because just like Bubbe, I’ll make a joke out of anything- including myself. I’m like my mother in that I see the big picture and have the ability to influence people with my words. Everyone has heard me use her declaration “Some people just have issues,” and they love her behavioral mantra, “It’s a small world, so just be nice to everyone.”

My friends are lucky because when they come to me as a peer, it’s as if they’re coming to a person with decades of experience. Because I have learned so much about giving advice from my mom and Bubbe, I always try to think of what they would suggest when somebody asks me for help. Whatever the situation, I can always act as a good listener, give an honest opinion, or at least make the person laugh. After all, I have the genetics of the self-proclaimed “Meanest Mommy in the World,” but with that intimidating title comes much valuable wisdom and understanding.

What do I want to do when I grow up? I’m still not certain whether I’ll write novels or study food science or own my own business. What do I want to be when I grow up?  I want to be a mother, so that I can do the same for my daughter that my Bubbe and mom have done for me.

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