1-29-2010 Articles for Parents This Week

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Big news:

Radical Parenting in China

Let Radical Parenting help you with your marketing and trend research in China!

We are finally back from South America and now heading to San Diego, Portland, Florida and New York for some speaking events! I hope you saw us on Real Housewives of Orange County last week! If not there are tons of reruns on tonight and we will try to post parts of the episode in the coming weeks.

Top Articles:

Why You Shouldn’t Be A Superhero Parent

Four reasons why being a superhero parent isn’t all that heroic.

Articles from Guests:

How to encourage kids to learn foreign languages using music and the media!

Multilingual author of Language is Music, Susanna Zaraysky, gives 4 tips from her book on how to learn foreign language through the media.

5 Ways Yoga Develops Self-Confidence in Teens [Guest Post]

Teen yoga expert, Donna Freeman, explains how you can use yoga to feel better about yourself and know that you can handle anything life brings.

Articles from Teens:

Climbing Out of the Shadow

Learning how to combat sibling rivalry through self-discovery, parental support and change in perspective.

Giving Advice to my 10-Year Old Self

What would you say to your younger self, using the wisdom that comes with your teen years? One teen writer’s advice: stay committed to hobbies, get a job and be yourself!

Maternal Influence

The positive impact a mother-daughter and grandmother-granddaughter relationship can have on a young teen.

Slugger on Steroids: Mark McGwire Comes Clean!

Learning by example, four ways to rise above peer pressure.

Virtual Bug

When it comes to the virtual world, balance is key.

Picks of the Week

We have a new Youthologist who just finished her training:

WENDY SUNDERLIN is now a certified Youthologist.

These articles are by our featured blogger today, Mark Hallen, who writes laughs4dads.com, about the lighter side of parenting from the father’s point of view.

Happy Birthday, Mom
In honor of his mother’s birthday, Mark Hallen lists some of the differences in how generations worry about their kids.

Hallen’s Laws
A collection of natural laws that are specific to parents or anyone else who lives with small, mischievous creatures

We were also featured on bub.blicio.us!

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Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl’s Guide to Boyfriends.
By Kaycee Jane

“A prince is a metaphor for a healthy relationship, a frog is the opposite. When we know better like what to expect from a relationship—what needs we deserve and how we deserve to be treated—we’ll all make better choices.”

Our teen reviewers LOVED this book at Radical Parenting, we highly suggest you buy it for the teen or tween girl in your life!

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