How to Capitalize on Dining Week (LA’s is right now!)

A little known, but awesome tip is to book your travel around a particular city’s Dining Week.  Also, many people miss dining week in their own cities.

Dining Week is a week (sometimes even two weeks) where restaurants offer their menu’s at quarter price.  You can often do fixed meals for $28 or less or $35 with wine at the top restaurants in your city. I consider myself a foodie, but do not want to break the bank feeding (literally) my habit.

Here is how you can capitalize on Dining Week…

1) Mark Your Calendars

Look up the Dates of Dining Week in your city and any cities that you travel to often, or plan on traveling to in the next year. Mark your calendars for that week and about 3 months prior to make reservations.

2) Travel

Plan your travel around these dates! I always try to find cheap flights or plan business meetings around Chicago or New York’s Dining week because you can go to all the top restaurants for the cost of Cheesecake Factory!

3) Reserve!

Make reservations really early.  About 3 months prior mark all of the restaurants you want to go to and call them to ask if they are taking reservations.  Most will.  Always ask for a great table.

4) Talk to Friends

Get groups together.  Ask friends to come and make a night of it!

5) 2 Week Post, 2 Week Prior

Prepare for two weeks. You will probably spend more that week on eating out because you will be doing it more often. You will also be eating a lot of calories.  Make sure to eat in for the two weeks ahead and don’t make plans to go out the two weeks after.

6) Make A Wishlist

When you hear a good restaurant check if you can do it on dining week first.  This way you do not have to pay exorbitant prices if you do not like it!

We have eaten at amazing restaurants during dining week and have a little vacation at home that week because we go with tons of friends each night. Don’t waste this great opportunity to be a real foodie!

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