Book Review: Frog or Prince? By Kaycee Jane

I just got a copy of Frog or Prince by Kaycee Jane to review and was blown away.  First, how awesome is the title? It so aptly describes the predicament that most girls (ahem, women) find themselves in whenever they go to a dance, bar, singles event or cocktail party.  Is he really what you think he is?

Second, I love that Kaycee is speaking to the right demographic. Why should we wait until our 20s, 30s and 40s to start reading dating books! I needed the help earlier, before I kissed that frog who never turned.

Third, Kaycee Jane is quipy and caring in her advice. It is a really quick and fun read and unlike most dating books actually makes you like the opposite sex and respect them during the dating process.

Fourth, this is advice every girl in your life NEEDS to hear.  Her “Stuck in a Frog Trap” chapter has some awesome advice and ideas for a situation we all get in. I read this book along with one of our book reviewer female interns and we both giggled and shared some really intimate stories about some of our dating past.  At 15, she could absolutely relate to already to the Lovesickness chapter and some of the stories in the book.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Think of all of the women in your life (teens, tweens, 20 somethings and friends) who have ever dated or considered dating a frog.
  • Get this book on Amazon for them now!
  • Have your own girls reading club and read it together.
  • Set-up a tea time and bond with your daughter/girlfriends/sister about the stories from your life that the book reminded you of.

Jane delves into some of the more difficult aspects of heartbreak and low self-esteem that can come from being with the wrong man. This is something that you need to talk with your girls about sooner rather than later.  Thank you Kaycee for this awesome book!

Check it out on Amazon! Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl’s Guide to Boyfriends.

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