The New (Digital) Friday Night Date

I went out with a big group of friends recently and realized that the typical night out is totally different today than it was even 5 years ago.  I wanted to explore how a typical Friday night out with friends is different today than in 1990.

Typical Night Out 1990:

1. Read the newspaper and find a movie you like.

2. Call some friends and ask them if they want to go out that night. Play a vicious game of phone tag trying to organize.

3. Call your favorite restaurant and make a reservation for you and your friends (who have called back).

4. Drive to the mall, meet for dinner.

5. Eat dinner late because your friend got lost.

6. Buy movie tickets, candy and popcorn.

7. See the movie.

8. Say goodbye.

Typical Night Out 2010:

1. Make an event on Facebook and invite the friends you want to see.  Put on the wall if people have movie suggestions or restaurant ideas. Post a status update and Twitter update to see who wants to come.

2. Read reviews of the movies on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. Watch trailers on Youtube, post the finalists on your Facebook Event’s wall.

4. Have everyone buy their own tickets on Fandango if they are coming.

5. Look at Urban Spoon to see which of the nearest restaurants are offering you coupons on eating there.

6. Read reviews of the restaurant on Yelp.

7. Make a reservation at your favorite at

8. Post the updates on your Facebook event.

9. Meet at the restaurant and check-in with Foursquare to see if anyone else you know is in the area.

10.  Send your location using iCurfew to a friend who is lost.

11.  Look at the GooodGuide on your phone to see which candy choices are most environmentally sound.

12.  Check Runpee before the movie to see when is best to leave for a bathroom break.

13.  On the way home update your Facebook and Twitter status, post reviews of the restaurant on Yelp, and rate the movie on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

As you can see the typical friday night out has changed tremendously even in the past three years. How has your Friday night changed?

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