Tips and Tricks for Cruising

Cruising is an awesome way to see the world and can be very cost effective.  We have found amazing deals and ideas to make our cruising experience optimal, whether you are on Carnival Cruise or Azamara.  Here are some tips:

Cruising Tips:

1. Always Research Alternative Cruise Excursions

If you want to travel well, and not pay a fortune you should always consider booking off ship for your shore tours.  Ship tours are usually expensive, slow and packed with buses not fun.

2. Check Your Luggage Tags

At the end and beginning of the cruise you are often assigned colors or tags for your bags to be brought to your room.  Check these thoroughly.  Ask what your color means.  We were assigned a color that meant “airport” when we were driving on to another city from the port!

3. Bring Your Own Liquor

It is worth it to bring your favorite wine or drink with you.

4. Talk to Your Room Attendant

You room attendants are on your side.  If you have something special you want like an extra chocolate or pillows or having ice morning and night, just ask it makes it easier for all of you!

5. Ask Ahead on Tables

If you know you want the early seating or a table for 2 do not wait until you get on board, call ahead.

6. Bring Tupperwear

If you like to snack and do not want to have to always go up to the buffet for fresh fruit or veggies bring some ziplocs or a tupperwear and take them down to the room with you.

7. Pack Right

Besides the usual packlist, there are a few things I always bring when I cruise:


-Headphones (for the gym TVs)

-Seasickeness medication (for rocky nights)

-Ear plugs (rocking and creaking)

-Ziplocs and tupperwear for the buffet

-Poolside bag

-Hat with a string on it so it does not blow off

8. Bring Locks

Lock your bags when they are taken from you. Even if you are coming from the airport, slapping some locks on your bags insures everything stays inside them!

9. Get a Netbook

I know many people cruise without computers, but if you want to write home it might be worth your time to invest in a minicomputer (netbook) and you can write emails offline, journal and then sync up for a minute or two and thats it! Much faster than using their computers and starting from scratch.

10. Bring A Mini DVD Player

There is usually a lot to do, but in room movies are expensive! Bring your own DVD player and DVDs and you will save money and fill those sometimes rainy afternoons.

These are our insider tips, we hope to see you on your next cruise!

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